Friday, 10 March 2017


It was around 4-30pm.
Before I set off from the house, I had noticed a Coastguard Helicopter travelling the length of the Beach.
By the time I arrived at the Beach,it was over the River Tees.
My phone camera unable to catch a clear shot of it.
The Day was a pale colour day ,the tide was well out and heading out more.
I chose to walk about mid-distance between the strand line and the receding North Sea, as I headed South to the North Gare Pier which sits and stretches at the mouth of the Tees.
Before too long it became apparent that the Sea had left a lot of shingle patches on it's last high tide visit.
Shingle usually means finds, and it wasn't any different today thank goodness.
This Blue and White Sea Alley was the find of the day; nestled amongst shingle of roughly the same size. You would rarely find one just laying randomly on the sand.
I often think, whilst searching for Sea Alleys and the like, that it must be a million to one chance to find one, but then convince myself that there must be a million pieces of shingle... so you never know.

Another glistening Sea Alley jumped out from dull, but multi-coloured shingle. Once again see that it is with shingle of a similar size. So make that two million pieces of shingle!

The Dog seemed to mirror my smug face in finding two Sea Alleys.

As my shed is bursting to the seams with sea glass and sea pottery, I am being more picky about what I keep now. The pieces above are those that I left behind at North Gare for others.... I cannot not pick them up, so I bag them and filter the  keepers and leavers  as I go. It is hard leaving finds behind but I need to cut down and you never know I may make someone's day now and again when they come across the leavers.

I found this broken glass stopper on the way back, it must have been a larger than the usual as it was sturdy.

Here are the Keepers.
Some nice pieces.
I think the S is off
possibly off an bathroom sink

I am so Lucky to live 5 minutes form a Beach that gives up so many worthless but at the same time priceless intriguing  finds.


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