Thursday, 9 February 2017


The tide was well out for a torchlit wintery walk on the Beach.


One Green bottle, laying on the Beach... etc etc etc.

Someone had left these near to the Prom.
Perhaps a part #2minutebeachclean  and left for a child to play with?

The glass.

The rest.

2 favourite pieces from the last 2 nights.
Blue looks like a lighthouse and I really like the shade of green.
Background is a teacup coaster.



  1. Love your postings! I'm fairly obsessed with Seaglass and pottery, so much so that I'm planning a pilgrimage to the northeast shores this spring :).
    May I ask if ryhope, easington and hawthorn are will produce nicely rounded pieces similar to Seaham? Are there any others nearby worth looking at?

    Keep up the posts, really enjoy seeing all the sea marbles you discover 😊

  2. Thank you! Really if it is rounded glass from round here you are after then Seaham is THE place.Lots of people go as you know so it is well picked.I did the Beaches you you mention and didn't get much really. As you know i do well for pottery and flatish glass at Seaton Carew and Middleton.I blog all my Beaches so I really don't have a better suggestion. You could maybe trawl through blog to see examples i got from the different Beaches. :-)

    1. Thanks! I'll be happy with pretty much any seaglass I find, but these shores are indeed the finest for it. Fingers crossed for some marbles too!
      Happy combing 😀