Thursday, 2 February 2017

SEATON SANDS 02 02 17.

It was another torchlit Beach walk.
By the time I reached the water's edge it was two minutes after high tide.
I wasn't expecting to find much, what with the high tide and the fact that a strong wind had blown lots of sand along the Beach from the Dunes. The dry dune sand sticks to the wet Beach and forms a type of crust over the Beach's scatter.
I  walked just a foot or so from the water's edge and the incoming waves did a great job of washing away the wind blown sand.
As I walked back along the Beach a small strong stream of sea water had formed behind a shingle / sand bank that was eventually being exposed by the receding tide.
I had found a small piece of white pottery and I tossed this into the fast flowing stream as I walked along.
The piece of pottery almost kept up with me, travelling along the Beach as the gush of the water flipped and tossed the small sherd alongside me. I watched it's progress by torchlight.
The stream seemed to be a scale model of the sea itself, tumbling glass and pottery
around for many years until 
deciding to set it free on the sand.
Four torchlights headed my way; it was The German Shepard Owners Club with their Hi Vis uniform that they where most of the year around. We passed silently in the darkness and their dogs with their flashy but not flashy collars kept their distance.
The strong wind was blowing from the South. It was very mild.
As I headed back to the car I picked my little dog up for a carry to the car, as we had left the water's edged were crossing the full blast of the wind and the sand that it carried. For me the sand was knee high and that is higher than the Dog, he was  getting blasted.


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