Sunday, 4 December 2016

EMBLETON BAY BEACH, 04-12-16. Beach No. 60 out of a target of 52 for the year.

Embleton Bay Beach is just South of Low Newton by the Sea.
It leads to Dunstanburgh Castle.

As you walk along you will notice many Wooden Cottages or Shacks up in the Dunes. They have a wonderful View of the Bay. Every now and then sets of steps  appear in the dunes, showing the route up to the Cottages.

Some walkers pass in the other direction , heading back to Low Newton. One of the Dune Cottages can be seen.

If it's a black and white shot, then it is just me trying to be arty.... and failing. I must add that I am so pleased with quality  of the pictures as they are taken by phone. Reproduced as they were taken, I do not use any photo apps to enhance them , I do crop them from time to time. My phone takes good snaps on the other hand the camera I bought is rubbish at texting. phoning and getting the internet.
The one above is Embleton Bay, with Two Beach Buoys, one real and one a fake, looking towards Dunstanburgh Castle.


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