Sunday, 6 November 2016

SEAHAM 06 NOV 2016.

To be honest I should have gone to a Football match; Hartlepool v Stamford in the FA Cup after  all I am a season ticket holder. Excuses? Well had a bad chest and a cold and thought I would be cabined up all day. I knew I wasn't up to standing for 2 hours or so on a bitterly cold day.
Turns out they did something they haven't done for over 200 days ... won a home game. They won 3-0 without me.
Well done Pools.
In the end Seaham was the destination.
Down in the Marina had a pancake and coffee then ventured to the end of the building and had a sandwich and another coffee.
The cafe is called The Lookout and was crammed with people trying to get a good shot of the waves crashing over Seaham Pier.

A bird sheltered in The Lookout and had a snack or two too.

Had a dash on the Beach. Well it's hard going to Seaham and not go on the Beach. The wind was strong and the rain came and went and came and went.....

I have been going to Seaham for  few years now and have noticed that there is less and less glass popping up.
Makes sense really when you think of there number of people marching up and down the Beach with eyes searching for the Seaglass.

Looking North on Seaham Hall Beach.

The finds 
Sea glass
Sea Pottery
Sea Metal
Milk Glass
Pot Bottle tops.


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