Tuesday, 4 October 2016

BAMBURGH BEACH 04-10-16. Beach No.52 out of a target of 52 different beaches in a year.

I last came to Bamburgh around 20 years ago, in a Talbot Highwayman Motor Home with young family in tow.
Today was going to beach 52 out of a target of 52 for the year.
Were they all true beaches?
I have done what I can to check names and if all of my beaches counts as a beach.
I've tried.
All I know is that setting the target made me get out and discover my local coast.
In my head I have a much better picture of the lay of the land and sea.
Some of them were new to me beaches , once just names but now pictures in my head and memories for ever.

There is loads of time left so I will do more before the year is out. So if anyone calls foul on any of my 52 then I will have a few more in the bank.

Once I reached the Beach the first thing I did was this above....

The Sky and Sea were very dramatic, we headed South.
The Castle from the rocks to the South.

Walked back to the car through the Dunes; South of the Castle.
Had to go through a couple of kissing gates. I liked all of the different Angles.
One of The Farne Islands off the Coast of Bamburg.
The sea was spectacular.

An unexpected part of the day was the link of the village to Grace Darling. I knew she was from this part of the world, but didn't realise how close.
In St Aiden's Churchyard below the Castle is this memorial to her.

Just to the left of her memorial is her grave; she died aged just 26 in 1842. The house she was born in is just over the road from her grave and a few doors down from the Small but excellent Grace Darling RNLI Museum.
I couldn't attempt to do her story justice here.
Have a look at the Museum website here..

I'm a cold hearted son of a .....
but for some reason after hearing her story
a tear came to my eye when I came face to face with one of her small dresses.


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