Wednesday, 28 September 2016

CRIMDON TO BLACKHALL BEACH 28-09-16 Blackhall becomes beach No. 49 out of a total of 52 different beaches for year.Finds from today

I went to Crimdon today.
Above is My Dad and his Big Sister on a day out at Crimdon back in the 1930's. Crimdon is just North of Hartlepool.

My Great grandad William Grainger SGM a sea hero. When they built the coast road near Hartlepool, he worked as a watchman there.
He would walk to work near Crimdon from his Hartlepool Headland along the beach.

It was a lovely day...

Large driftwood pieces on the shoreline.

Many mounds, Cliffs and Caves along this walk today.

A bit of a waterfall too as the land above the beach drained.

Some of the stairs have been closed off for safety reasons.

There are couple of what I would call pinch points where the tide could catch you out on the way back , so take care.

This beach section had lots of gold or rusty coloured stones edging the sand of the beach.

The dogs have a rest on the way back to Crimdon.
A sign up in the car park gives a few clues as to how popular Crimdon used to be, note the scene at the bottom of the sign.
When I was younger we would go down into Crimdon Dene and play football matches.

Also when young I would go fishing with my Father. We would leave Middleton and motor up to just in line with Crimdon Caravan Park. The engine would be turned off and we would drift until we started getting fish , at which point the anchor was dropped.
#2minutebeachclean from today's walk.

Finds from today; some of the sea glass was very rounded like Seaham sea glass.


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