Wednesday, 29 June 2016

TATE HILL BEACH AND WHITBY SANDS, WHITBY 29-06-16 Beaches 25 & 26 out of a target of 52 for the year.

The Family stand to the left of Capt. Cook.
My daughter said Whitby is one of 
her favourite places.

The view across to Tate Hill Beach.
In 1855 a ship called Dimitry of Narnia ran aground here.
Bram Stoker visited Whitby and used the wreck as an inspiration for his book Dracula. The book was published two years later in 1857; he changed the ship's name to Demeter of Varna.

The Piers at the Mouth of the River Esk at Whitby.

Whitby swing bridge constructed by Heenan & Froude; they also built Blackpool Tower.
My Father once spent the night underneath it, repairing it when it had broken down. I seem to remember him saying it was a Stormy night.
Across the Esk.

The rain started not long after this picture.

He loves the Beach... any Beach.

Him too.

We were here.

A Coble goes out to sea.

We headed back to the West side a after lunch at a Dog friendly Cafe. 

It was raining, the tide was up but I had to claim Whitby Beach for one of my 52 for the year.

The view to Sandsend.

It was wet. Capt. Cook still had a Seagull on his head.



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