Thursday, 9 June 2016


Once again it was an Evening walk; two dogs this time.
It had been a hot and sunny day but around teatime cloud came and a hint of Thunder came across the Bay. I did a bit of shall I go or not... but if it rained it's only water for goodness sake and I have been out on the beach in much much worse weather.

The sky over towards the River Tees looked a little bleak, but we were on the Beach now so ..... Whatever!

The Sea had picked up a bit and there was some lovely waves rolling in the tide was just on the turn.......

Messed about whilst waiting for the tide to turn... not great I know but tied to two dogs ; both wanting to pull in different directions, it was the best I could do.
It was odd because in the distance I could see two men and a dog, I  thought one man was squatting taking photographs of his dog but in fact he was standing stones on edge and balancing them... odd.

A nice fat lump of Sea glass.


Found one of these glow in the dark segments last night too, the fact they came within a day of each other reminded me of the Playwright ;Nick Darke  in his film The Wrecking Season when he talked about the pieces of flooring washed up, It is on Youtube and is a must if you are into beach things

Wood, Pot and slate.

Sea glass finds from tonight.

Saving this one for my VW camper... when i get it.

And we end with some RED sea glass.


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