Sunday, 22 May 2016


Number nine on my Top Ten finds list was a piece of metal.
I no longer have it.
I gave it away to a good cause.
I found it on Middleton Beach many years ago.
It wasn't just any piece of metal.
It was stamped as best as i can remember
It looked like brass and possibly a piece of shrapnel from the German Bombardment of Hartlepool.
I kept the piece for many years.
After a visit to the Heugh Battery on Hartlepool's Headland I decided that is where it belongs.
So if you ever visit the Battery it is in the glass cabinet to the left as you go in.
Here is their website
One morning out of the blue ... or grey 
3 German Ships arrived and bombarded Hartlepool
The first Soldier killed in World War One on British Soil was in Hartlepool.
His Name was Theo Jones , he was killed by the second shell fired.
A plaque on the promenade marks where he was killed.
The Germans fired around 1000 high explosive shells on the Towns of Hartlepool and as was then West Hartlepool; the towns were amalgamated  in 1967.
The attack lasted around 50 minutes 
killing 63 from Hartlepool and 56 from West Hartlepool.
The attack took place on the 16th of December 1916.
The warships travelled South and Bombed both Whitby and Scarborough.
As it happens my Parents were married on 16th of December years later.
My Dad has written on the back of the wedding photographs 
Maybe with a wry smile?
I have been to the Battery a couple of times.
It's not large but it is a BIG piece of the Town's History.
They have a little cafe if you fancy a cuppa.
See their website above for Admission Prices and Opening times.
The Battery was featured in the TV show restoration a few years ago but sadly did not win the funding.
So if you are coming to Hartlepool any time then pop into the Battery; Maybe also see the Andy Capp Statue further round the Headland; He was a Hartlepool Lad !
Then if you visit the FREE to enter Museum of Hartlepool find the Alarm clock stopped by a Piece of German Shrapnel the Morning of the attack!
I am Proud of my home town.

Beach Buoy.

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