Sunday, 22 May 2016


Tide well out. An evening walk with two dogs for company.
Cloudy sky, but it is warm.

People in the distance to the South.

If my house had a sea view i would spend hour and hours just looking at the changing sky and sea.

It's good to mingle with the shingle whilst it is here....
never know what you may find.

Shades of Grey.

We sometimes pull in 3 different directions if I spot a find!

Not sure what people think when they hear Hartlepool mentioned , but if you have never been there....file this.

Bottle top find.

Another Sea Alley (marble) been lots lately thanks to the shingle deposits and the fact the sea has decided at this moment that items  of this size lay waiting to be picked up. Just below the surface the shingle is much smaller.

Very Lucky.

Tailgate up, cuppa made and some nice finds and  Oooo

Tonight's finds getting a wash.

Beach Buoy.

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