Sunday, 24 April 2016

SEATON CAREW 24-04-16.

He seemed to sense it was the weekend and was none too happy that I had worked both days.. this was the view as i came from having a bath.... he wanted BEACH !

It was around 6 o'clock, there was still lots of people in Seaton Carew. It was a much more pleasant night tonight.

We set off and headed South to North Gare .... yes I know.

Plane Overhead.

Still quite a slope on the sands.
It was one of those tides that catches you unawares and makes you run to avoid a soaking... GREAT!

Some broken bricks
with writing on.


And another.

I often pass the German Shepard Owners Club
whilst doing Evening walks; they are a Hi Vis lot.
The dogs are always well behaved and never cause any concern. 
Traprogge Ball by the Sea.
I must have collected over 300 of these since I started to do #2minutebeachclean

Squatted down to catch this wall of waves and used a bonny filter too.

Hint of a Sunset behind the Village Green Houses.
Heading back....

Glass finds.

Pottery finds.

and yes I carried half a house brick back
...... found that heart stone too.


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