Thursday, 25 February 2016


Here is a photograph of my Father and I sat outside our Cabin at Middleton in Hartlepool.
Not long after this photograph was taken, a lot of the Cabins were broken into, so Dad put wooden  shutters on the windows.
He made the seat that the children are sat on at the side of the Cabin so people could sit and look at the Sea.
The Cabin was divided into two parts with a workshop area near the door with a workbench and a vice which I still have and use. Dad would stand looking at the Sea making model Coble boats.  The rear of the Cabin had a seated area and an old cooker which used Calor Gas. We had bought the cooker from an old lady up in a nearby Pit Village. This rear section also had a secret compartment for Dad to hide his tools.

For one night only my friends and I; with my dog for protection were allowed to sleep over in the cabin on one summers night. We woke around 
5 a.m. and went and played football down on the beach.
This area is now The Marina Flats Car Park.
Long before the Cabins were built, this was the area in which my Father's family lived in Sea Terrace, so it must have been very special for him to have a Cabin there?
The Cabin community still exist, but they have been moved North to make way for the Marina development.
My Father sold the Cabin and could never understand why. He must have had a good reason.
Many happy memories of Middleton and the Cabins.... and Dad.
Beach Buoy.

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