Sunday, 27 September 2009

Arrived at old fairground car park 6-46 am...No cars !
While i was waiting for the Sun to rise, I took the top photograph. As I headed to the beach I could see 4 people and 3 dogs.There was a fresh breeze from the west. After sunrise ...headed for Blue Lagoon..see bottom photograph.At about 2/3 thirds of the distance to the River Tees, the smell of the local industry was unpleasant.An about turn was the order of the day .
Arrived back at Old Fairground at 9 20 am....


Monday, 14 September 2009

13,September 2009,Seaton Carew & Blue Lagoon Beach

Arrived Old Fairground Car Park at 6-58 a.m. (Approx 3 hour to High Tide.)
It was a calm & cloudy day.
Some of the edges of the clouds where lit up by the early morning
3 cars in the car park and 3 people visible on the beach.
The Blue Lagoon beach ,was again a complete contrast the Seaton Carew beach.
So quiet.
On returning to the Seaton Beach it was noted a fresh northerly wind had developed.
Beach Buoy.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

12,September,2009. Seaton Carew Beach

Arrived 7-27 pm... around 20 cars in Old Fairground car park.
Around 15 people and half a dozen dogs visible on the beach.
It was a lovely warm calm evening... around 2 hours to high tide.
It was dark by the time I left.
Beach Buoy.